The Team

Kevin Smith

If you are like most people who’ve created success in their business, you know that who you have advising you can have a big impact on the quality of your decisions. Kevin has been at the planning table with successful business owners, franchisees and Canadian Tire Dealers for decades; and for good reason – his focus is your focus.

Kevin designed the firm on a few simple and powerful principles:

  • clients are clear on their goals before planning decisions are made
  • he remains independent from any affiliation with banks, insurance companies and mutual funds so that advice isn’t inappropriately biased
  • give clients the advice that’s in their best interest, even when it’s not what they want to hear
  • integrity throughout the entire process

Does is work? Three decades of financial planning have given Kevin the opportunity to guide his clients through some of the most challenging periods of volatility in business, markets and investments. In 2008, Kevin moved all of his clients who listened to him out of the market early in the year prior to the collapse. When they market dropped -33.8%, his clients collectively had less than a 1% decline. While no one can predict the markets, Kevin’s experience and insights prove relevant to his clients over and over.

When you want to forecast and look ahead of the curve, Kevin is often the resource business owners seek out – it has been a hallmark of his from the start. For example, well before it became a common practice, Kevin began to develop financial strategies for his clients that integrated asset, tax, insurance and estate management into an encompassing plan. He has further expanded and refined this process and brings sophisticated strategies to address investment risk, reduce tax, protect and enhance estates.

Whether he is leading your planning work, or bringing an additional, needed voice to your existing planning team, Kevin Smith and his team bring financial planning that let’s you move with greater clarity and confidence.

Grace Watt

Any great business has an undeniable focus on getting things done for its clients: that’s exactly what Grace does.

Responsive. Experienced. Discreet. Grace brings a quick smile and clear desire to ensure every client is cared for in a professional and comfortable manner. She’s been with the team for years and will help ensure that the ton of paperwork that can be required, seems simple and that all the moving pieces of your plan, investments and insurance are being coordinated and completed in accordance with the plan you develop with Kevin.

Expect to be chatting with Grace.

Tef Shojai

We believe in being very efficient. To do that, it doesn’t only require a great planning process, current technologies and the right organization; it requires the right people.

Tef plays a critical position of helping ensure that we keep our focus where it should be. She supports the team and the business by handling internal, back stage work that allows each of us to devote as much time as possible to the tasks that best serve you.

What that means is that Tef is very active and flexible in the range of tasks she handles. She is constantly taking work off our desks so that we can put our attention on you. While you may not always be talking with Tef, her efforts have a significant impact on your ICON experience.

Terry Connoy

Terry comes to ICON with a very special blend of experience and expertise.

For 20 years, Terry was the Executive Director of the Canadian Tire Dealers Association where he played a key role advocating for, and negotiating on behalf of Canadian Tire Dealers across the country. His commitment to protecting entrepreneurs so that they can have the most successful enterprises possible has been his focus for decades.

Terry brings the highly-detailed understanding and awareness of Canadian Tire Dealers, along with other his knowledge of Shopper’s Drug Mart, McDonalds and Tim Horton’s franchisees and owners to ICON.

Combined with his finance, economics and operations background, he is an absolute activator in the business. We’re committed to being relevant and efficient – Terry helps us do both in ways that would be very rare to find elsewhere.