Financial Life Scenario Planning

Planning is great, but limited. Unfortunately, because of the pace of change, plans become outdated the day after they are created. While there may be some indicators and ideas that are useful, the only thing that's truly relevant are a series of Financial Life...

Enhancing your Life’s Time

The most precious asset we have is our Life’s Time - the pursuit of a fulfilling life that includes the peace of mind and clarity that everything is alright. Money - a piece of paper, with numbers and words printed on it claims a large percentage of our thoughts and...

Optimal Estate Planning

A typical traditional estate plan results in the following: Too much tax being paid Asset liquidation in order to pay these taxes Confusion and disorientation of beneficiaries (and remaining spouse) Regret and unnecessary asset loss How can it be the most beneficial...

Who runs this thing…

The Principal, Kevin Smith, has been a financial planner for 28 years. During the 28 years, Kevin has advised numerous wealthy clients. He has continuously grown ICON’s client base and business without any advertising or marketing efforts. All growth has been through...

Wealth Protection & Enhancement Planning

You had a plan for the enterprise. You need a plan for your wealth. You grew the results of your enterprise with focus, hard work, probably a bit of trial-and-error, and by watching the details along the way. Building the enterprise created wealth along the way, and...

Capital Accumulation & Management

Are you taking too much risk in the pursuit of return? A discussion that seldom takes place is how much risk is associated with a rate of return of any given investment strategies. A long-standing theory is that in order to attain a higher rate of return, the investor...

Advanced Tax Planning

One of the best asset accumulation strategies is to safely reduce taxes. Wealthy families make up 1% of tax payers, yet pay 25% of total income tax paid. This is only going to get worse as government tax revenues decrease and expenditures increase. They pay more than...

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