The Work We Do

We are specialists in two ways: what we do, and who we serve. 

We've been providing solid financial planning, wealth management and advanced tax and estate planning since the 90's. We're independent, well-regarded in our industry, and more importantly, very well-regarded by our clients. 

But our other specialty is in whom we serve. We've built an in-house expertise in specifically addressing the wealth management and financial planning needs of Canadian Tire Dealers. It's been a focal point of ours for years, and we've worked with many Dealers through every stage of their career - Wealth Builders, those who are preparing for Business Transition and want to maximize their personal and financial benefits upon the sale of the business, and Retired Dealers who are enjoying and protecting their retirement and their wealth.

In addition to this, we provide special planning services and resources for spouses and family members so that everyone has the confidence and clarity in the future.

Our work comes in four core services:

  1. Advanced financial and estate planning
    • tax reduction strategies
    • family income and asset protection solutions
    • estate protection and enhancement
  2. Comfortable and secure retirement income planning
    • financial and retirement freedom planning
    • business and life transition planning
  3. Institutional/endowment-style wealth management
    • Pension plans
    • Retirement income portfolios
    • Personal/family investments
    • Private equity placements
  4. Ongoing services, relationship, education, opportunities and advice
    • Advice and recommendations regarding financial and investment decisions
    • Education and fun special events
    • Consolidated investment performance reports (internal and external accounts)
    • Net worth and cash flow statements
    • Periodic updates, progress reviews and, if appropriate, course adjustments